EU condemns Kabul terror attack

The EU condemned Saturday the terror attack in Kabul earlier today in which around 95 people were killed, including many policemen, and many more injured.

“For the third time in under a week, civilians in Afghanistan have been the target of terrible terrorist attacks. My thoughts and the thoughts of citizens of the whole European Union are with the Afghan people after today’s attack in Kabul,” said EU High Representative Federica Mogherini in a statement.

“These acts are against the people of Afghanistan, against reconciliation, against peace. For too long, the aspiration of many to live in peace has been hijacked by the struggle for power of a few,” she said.

“As the European Union, we have always worked and will keep working with the people of Afghanistan, with its government, with the many who seek peace,” she added.

The blast occurred near high security zone that houses several high-profile offices including European Union and High Peace Council, charged with negotiating with the Taliban rebels. Taliban rebels have reportedly claimed responsibility of the blast, which injured 163 people.

Source: Kuwait News Agency