EU FMs discuss developments in Arab countries

BRUSSELS– EU Foreign Ministers discussed the situation in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq besides Palestine during their meeting in Brussels Monday.

“First of all, I will mention Yemen where we have played so far a major humanitarian role and we have worked on initiatives on the political and diplomatic sides.

“We have expressed the willingness together with the EU Member States to play more of a political role to try and facilitate a political solution of a crisis,” EU High Representative Federica Mogherini told a press conference after the meeting.

On Lebanon, she said “our objective is to ensure that the country keeps focusing on its internal priorities.

“I will visit myself Beirut next week on the 19 December to show the European Union support to the Prime Minister (Saad Hariri), the government, the institutions of a country that needs to be accompanied and supported and the European Union is there for that, together with all our international partners,” she said.

On Syria, Mogherini said “we are preparing the second Brussels Conference in spring that will give us the opportunity to put on the table some positive leverages that the UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura can use to incentivise a political agreement in Geneva.

“The conflict is still ongoing even if some wish to pretend it is over. We know very well that on the ground the fighting is still going on, civilians are still attacked and we see that with our humanitarian support every single day inside Syria,” she noted.

On Iraq, she said “we are preparing the new European Union Strategy to support the country in this critical moment. We are seeing good developments on the defeat of Da’esh on the ground; we believe that this is not the time to forget about Iraq. On the contrary – this is the time to increase our work with the country.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency