EU FMs discuss Iran nuclear deal

BRUSSELS, European Union Foreign Ministers began their formal monthly meeting in Brussels Monday with the focus on the Iran nuclear deal following the US decision to pull out from the agreement.

“Today on the agenda of foreign ministers we have first and foremost our work to preserve the nuclear deal with Iran. We have been acting already at the EU level to put in place some measures to make sure that the nuclear agreement is preserved and the economic investments from the European side, but also from other sides in the world are protected,” EU High Representative Federica Mogherini told reporters ahead of the meeting.

Mogherini said she will update the ministers on the “good joint committee meeting we had last Friday in Vienna, where the remaining countries without the United States met at the level of deputy ministers, together also with the Director General of the IAEA that certified for the 11th time that Iran is fully compliant with all its nuclear related commitments.” She stressed that “EU decisions are taken by Europeans, are not exposed to decisions taken elsewhere, and that we have the instruments to accompany and protect our economic investments, especially when they match our security interests.” The EU foreign ministers will also have a discussion on the situation in Gaza.

“As you know the commitment from the EU member states to continue to work for a two-state solution with Jerusalem as the future capital of both states is solid and we will brainstorm a bit with the ministers on how we can try to move this agenda forward,” she added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency