EU interior ministers discuss Coronavirus

BRUSSELS European Union interior ministers discussed on Friday the coronavirus outbreak and focused on measures taken by EU member states to stop the spread of the epidemic.

According to an EU statement the discussion covered fours issues, lessons learnt so far in the tackling of the COVID-19 outbreak, possible additional preparedness and response measures, how to step up information-sharing and additional support from EU member states.

The statement noted that decisions taken at the borders of EU member states on health screening are national decisions and fall under the competence of the respective member state.

The European Commission proposed to prepare guidelines that could suggest a more uniform way of health screening carried out at EU borders.

EU Commissioner for interior affairs, Ylva Johansson, told a press conference after the meeting that “when it comes to internal borders inside Schengen, it is always possible for a member state to have health checks”.

“If they introduce health checks, it is not seen as an internal border control so they don’t have to notify the Commission on that so they can always do that,” she added.

On his part, Davor Bozinovid, Minister of the Interior of Croatia, told the joint press conference that “we agreed today to make full use of all tools at our disposal to achieve our common objective to be more efficient when it comes to containing the spread of the virus. It has a vast impact on the health of our citizens and on our economies”.

Croatia holds the current EU Presidency.

The ministers also discussed the migrant crisis at the Greek-Turkish border.

Source: Kuwait News Agency