EU leaders agree to move Brexit talks to second phase

BRUSSELS– The European Council (the summit of EU leaders) welcomed Friday the progress achieved during the first phase of negotiations on Brexit and decided to move to the second phase related to transition and the framework for the future EU-UK relationship.

The Council in a statement released after the end of the two-day EU summit today underlined that negotiations in the second phase “can only progress as long as all commitments undertaken during the first phase are respected in full.” The Council noted the proposal put forward by the United Kingdom for a transition period of around two years, and agreed to negotiate a transition.

However, the UK, as a third country, will no longer participate in or nominate or elect members of the EU institutions, nor participate in the decision-making of the Union bodies, offices and agencies, it clarified.

The Council reconfirmed its desire to establish a close partnership between the EU and the UK but said an agreement on a future relationship can only be finalised and concluded once the UK has become a third country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency