EU plans to enhance capacity as security provider

The European Union (EU) on Monday said that it will enhance its capacity to act as a security provider, as well as its strategic autonomy, which will “strengthen its ability to cooperate with partners.” “Improving the mobility of military personnel, materiel and equipment for routine activities during crises and conflict, within and beyond the EU, by all transport modes (surface, air and sea) and in all strategic directions is necessary to enable member states to address enduring threats,” said the EU foreign and defence ministers in a statement following their joint session in Luxembourg.

They stressed the importance of enhancing defence cooperation with partners, including non-EU countries and other international organizations. The statement said partnerships between EU and non-EU countries should be of mutual benefit and contribute to strengthen the EU’s security and defence efforts.

It reiterated that EU cooperation and coordination with NATO on military mobility should be further pursued . The meeting also adopted a common set of governance rules for projects within the Permanent Structured Cooperation on security and defence (PESCO), framework.

PESCO is a process to deepen defense cooperation amongst EU member states, who are capable and willing to do so, with the aim of developing defense capabilities.

Source: Kuwait News Agency