EU raises issue of academic with Iranian gov’t

BRUSSELS– The EU disclosed Monday that it has raised the issue of an Iranian-Swedish academic sentenced to death in Iran with the authorities in Iran.

“We are aware of the case of Mr. (Ahmedreza) Jalali. We are following the case very closely,” Catherine Ray, spokesperson for EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, told a news conference.

“We raise it regularly with the Iranian authorities. Human rights is a central point in our discussions with Iran,” she added.

Jalali, 45, who has been sentenced to death in Iran for alleged espionage for Israel is a guest teacher at the Brussels Free University, in the field of disaster medicine.

He works at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden on improving hospitals’ emergency responses to different threats.

His wife has sent a letter to Mogherini to intervene to save her husband’s life.

The human rights organisation Amnesty international organised a big demonstration in front of the Iranian embassy in Brussels last Thursday demanding the Iranian academic’s release.

Source: Kuwait News Agency