EU says UK must make up its mind and say what it wants

BRUSSELS, The European Parliament held a debate on Brexit ahead of a vote in the UK parliament later Wednesday on whether to leave the European union without a deal.

Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission told the EP debate in Strasbourg, “I don’t see better a solution than the withdrawal agreement. We are in the hands of the British political system – they have to decide how to move forward now.” “We are not dealing with theatre, but real lives of EU and UK citizens. The only certainty we have is an increased uncertainty,” said Melania Gabriela Ciot, the Secretary of State for European Affairs of Romania which holds the current EU Presidency.

She added that the EU remains open to talks as long as there is an end in sight, and must prepare for all outcomes, including a no-deal Brexit.

Brexit chief negotiator Michel Barnier stated, “The responsibility to find a way out lies fair and square with the UK.” He underlined that there will not be any further interpretations or assurances.

The withdrawal agreement “is and will remain the only available treaty. The risk of a no-deal has never been higher. I urge you please not to underestimate that risk or its consequences,” Barnier concluded.

Source: Kuwait News Agency