EU says women in Europe face discrimination

Women and girls in Europe still face harassment, abuse and violence. And women are still too often prevented from breaking the glass ceiling, receiving lower pay and fewer opportunities for career and business development, said 14 EU Commissioners in a joint statement released Tuesday on the occasion of International Women’s Day “We want girls and women to achieve equality in all aspects of life: access to education, equal pay for equal work, access to top positions in companies and politics as well as protection from violence,” said the statement also signed by First Vice-President Frans Timmermans EU High-Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy /Vice-President of the Commission Federica Mogherini.

The statement noted that the EU assists women and girls across the world who are on the move or displaced, who are victims of violence.

Over 15 million girls of primary school age do not go to school around the world, so the EU is helping boost access to education from Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, to South East Asia, it said.

“Gender equality is not just about fairness and justice in Europe – it is also a necessity to achieve sustainable peace, security, development, economic prosperity and growth around the world,” it added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency