EU slams US decision on anti-personnel mines

BRUSSELS, The European Union Tuesday condemned the decision by the United States Government to re-authorise the use of anti-personnel mines by US military forces outside of the Korean Peninsula saying “it undermines the global norm against anti-personnel mines”.

? “Their use anywhere, anytime, and by any actor remains completely unacceptable to the European Union,” said Peter Stano, spokesman for EU High Representative Josep Borrell, in a statement.

? ? The majority of mine victims are children. The conviction that these weapons are incompatible with International Humanitarian Law has led 164 States to join the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, including all Member States of the European Union, he noted.

? The EU and the US are both major donors for mine action assistance ? ? ? worldwide, supporting mine clearance, mine risk education, victim assistance and stockpile destruction, he said.

? ? “The re-authorisation of the use of anti-personnel mines is not only a direct contradiction to these actions but also negatively affects the international rules-based order,” said the EU statement.

? The EU counts on the US to remain a partner and a top provider of anti-mine action assistance, it added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency