EU to review relations with China

BRUSSELS, The European Commission Tuesday announced that against the backdrop of China’s growing economic power and political influence, it will review European Union-China relations and the related opportunities and challenges.

The EU’s executive body in a press release today set out 10 concrete actions for EU Heads of State or Government to discuss and endorse at their summit in Brussels of 21 March.

The European Union and China have committed to a comprehensive strategic partnership. Yet, there is a growing appreciation in Europe that the balance of challenges and opportunities China presents has shifted, it said.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini, commented that: “China is a Strategic Partner of the European Union. We pursue strong bilateral and multilateral cooperation on files where we share interests, from trade to connectivity, from the JCPOA to climate change.” “And we are willing to keep engaging robustly where our policies differ or compete. This is the aim of the 10 actions that we are proposing to strengthen our relations with China, in a spirit of mutual respect,” she said.

The 10 proposed actions include addressing “the distortive effects of foreign state ownership and state financing in the internal (EU) market and to detect and raise awareness of security risks posed by foreign investment in critical assets, technologies and infrastructure.

Source: Kuwait News Agency