EU urges Armenia, Turkey to normalise relations

BRUSSELS, The European Union Thursday called for reconciliation between the Armenian and Turkish societies and for normalisation of relations between Armenia and Turkey.

The EU appeal follows a vote in the US House of Representatives on Tuesday which recognized the alleged killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War One as a genocide.

We have taken note of the adoption of the resolution by the House of Representatives earlier this week, Maja Kocijancic, EU spokesperson for foreign policy, told a news conference.

We have said repeatedly regardless of the words we use to describe awful events that took place in 1915, there can be no denial of their historical reality, she said.

The European Commission recognizes that there are different views among EU member states on these events, said the spokesperson.

The EU seeks to advance and support a reconciliation through which countries can face their past through open and frank exchanges, said Kocijancic.

We encourage meaningful steps that pave the way towards full reconciliation between Armenian and Turkish civil societies she said.

We remain committed to the normalisation of relations between Turkey and Armenia, she added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency