EU urges for end of violence in Iraq

BRUSSELS, The European Union (EU) Friday condemned the use of live ammunition by Iraqi security forces against demonstrators as “unacceptable” and said those responsible must be held accountable.

“It is crucial that there is an end to the violence that, since the start of the unrests in October, has resulted in over 400 deaths and about 15,000 injured,” said Maja Kocijancic, EU spokesperson for foreign and security policy, in a written statement.

She noted that the latest spiralling of violence across Iraq and in particular in the cities of Nassiriya and Najaf has resulted in more than 40 casualties over the last 24 hours, as well as serious damage, including to diplomatic property.

“The latest decision of the Communications and Media Commission to suspend the license of several television channels for their coverage of the protests restricts the freedom of press and freedom of expression and is incompatible with basic democratic principles,” she said.

The EU statement stressed that inclusive dialogue between protesters and the government “is the only way out of this crisis”.

Source: Kuwait News Agency