EU voices grave concern over Uyghurs’ ordeal in China

BRUSSELS, The European Union on Wednesday expressed “grave concern” about mass arbitrary detention of the Uyghur Muslim minority in Xinjiang province, northwest China, and the existence of the so-called political re-education camps.

“Reliable and multiple sources’ research indicate that it has almost certainly affected over 1 million people,” EU High Representative Josep Borrell told the European Parliament in Strasbourg during a debate on the situation of Uyghurs.

“Another major source of concern is the use of widespread and intrusive surveillance. We understand that advanced technologies, relying on biometrics and artificial intelligence, are used to monitor and keep files on residents of Xinjiang,” he noted.

“Credible reports refer to severe limitations to the freedom of conscience and religion, with closure or controls imposed on places of worship, as well as limitations on religious education and on education in minority languages,” said Borrell. He called for “meaningful access for independent observers to the region, such as the United Nations Special Procedure mandate holders and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. So far these appeals have not been heard. Granting them would be an important step.” “The European Union will continue to express its principled position and to raise its concerns regarding Xinjiang in the framework of its political dialogue with China and internationally, including for sure at the United Nations” he added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency