European Parliament approves 2020 budget

27/11/2019 LOC18:2215:22 GMT

BRUSSELS, The European Parliament approved on Wednesday the EU budget for 2020 by 543 votes to 136, with 23 abstentions.

It was then signed into law by EP President David Sassoli.

According to an EP press release, overall commitment for 2020 total 168.7 billion euro (USD 185.5 billion) an 1.5 percent increase as compared to 2019, and payment total 153.6 billion euro (USD 168.9 billion), 3.4 percent over 2019.

For next year’s EU budget, the EP has secured better support to protect the climate, boost research, infrastructure investments and help the young, it noted.

The Parliament has obtained altogether an additional 850 million euro (USD 934 million) for its priorities.

The EU Council of Ministers formally approved the budget on Monday.

Source: Kuwait News Agency