European Parliament calls on all EU to ratify Istanbul Convention

BRUSSELS, The European Parliament Thursday adopted by 500 votes in favour, 91 against and 50 abstentions a resolution calling on the EU Council of Ministers to urgently conclude the EU ratification of the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women, also known as the Istanbul Convention.

It urges the seven EU member states that have signed but not yet ratified it – Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia and the UK – to do so without delay.

It condemns the attacks and campaigns against the Istanbul Convention in some countries, which, says the resolution, are based on deliberately misinterpreting and falsely presenting its contents to the public.

The Istanbul Convention entered into force in 2014 and was signed by the EU in June 2017. It is the first international instrument of its kind – states that ratify it must follow comprehensive, legally binding standards to prevent gender-based violence, protect victims and punish perpetrators.

Source: Kuwait News Agency