Expatriate arrested in Kuwait for selling unauthorized COVID-19 testing devices

KUWAIT Kuwait’s Ministry of Health (MoH) warned Wednesday against fraud committed by some people who were selling unauthorized coronavirus testing devices, saying an expatriate was arresting for doing so.

The MoH “is the only authority in the state that carries out tests and under supervision of a specialized medical staff,” Dr. Abdullah Al-Bader, Assistant Undersecretary for Pharamaceutical and Food Supervision, said in a statement.

He reaffirmed that MoH did not authorize any local company nor a pharmacy to sell coronavirus testing devices.

Al-Bader said the MoH was coordinating with health ministries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to authorize the official testing devices.

He said an expatriate was arrested because he was selling unauthorized testing devices with very high prices through social media.

Al-Bader said the MoH informed the Ministry of interior which arrested the person and referred him to prosecution.

Source: Kuwait News Agency