Explosive fired by Yemen’s Houthis towards Jazan kills Saudi boy

JEDDAH– A Saudi teenager was killed by a shrapnel of a projectile fired by Yemen’s Houthis near his home in Al-Arda governorate in the southern province of Jazan, Saudi Civil Defense Forces on Thursday.

In a statement, the civil defense added it received a report about the fall of a shrapnel of a projectile fired by Houthis from Yemen towards Al-Arda, killing a 14-year-old Saudi boy.

The statement noted that concerned bodies have implemented measures of civil defense in such cases.

For its part, the Saudi-owned pan-Arab television channel al-Arabiya said the boy was identified as Hamed Jathmi, an intermediate student. It added he was seriously injured and killed when the shrapnel fell near his home. Some others were also injured by the shrapnel.

Source: Kuwait News Agency