Finance Ministry launches funding for the salaries of Kurdistan Region employees and eligible categories for the month of April

Baghdad, The Ministry of Finance announced the launch of funding for the salaries of the region’s employees and the categories of those eligible for the month of April.

The Ministry said in a statement, ‘Based on the directives of the Prime Minister and the approval of the Minister of Finance, Taif Sami, and based on what was stated in the letter of the Federal Court, the Accounting Department of the Ministry of Finance launched salary financing for the Kurdistan region’s civilian employees and the entitlements of the disabled in the directorates of the Social Protection Network, Welfare and Social Development, and the salaries of civilian and military retirees, entitlements for the affairs of martyrs and Anfal, contracts, and entitlements of the region’s departments, as part of the financial allocations for the month of April 2024.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency