Five more people killed, 45 injured in Iraq’s protests

BAGHDAD, At least five protesters were killed and 45 others wounded as the unrest in Baghdad and other cities in Iraq entered its fifth day on Saturday.

The majority of victims was in east Baghdad where four deaths and 34 injuries were reported from gunfire at a protest rally, a local security source told KUNA.

In Diwaniya, the provincial capital of Al-Qadisiyah Governorate, another protester was killed and 11 others injured when the security forces opened fire to disperse a rally near the government headquarters.

In Nasiriyah, the provincial capital of the Dhi-Qar, angry protesters set afire offices of political parties, including the Islamic Dawa Party, the Iraqi Communist Party, and Al-Khursani Brigades, and besieged Badr Organization HQ.

Earlier today, the Parliament Speaker Mohammad Al-Halbousi met dozens of representatives of the protesters and promised to set aside the necessary funding for meeting their fair demands in the coming state budget.

President Barham Salih and Prime Minister Adel Abdulhadi also vowed after their meeting to bring to justice those involved in the attacks on protesters.

Source: Kuwait News Agency