FMs’ meeting highlights solidarity against N. Korea

Foreign ministers gathered from the US, Japan, China and Canada in Vancouver on Wednesday for the second day of the Meeting on Security and Stability on the Korean Peninsula where the participants reaffirmed solidarity against North Korea’s aggressive policy.

“This meeting gives us the opportunity to show our solidarity against the illegal and dangerous actions taken by North Korea, we will continue to strengthen our diplomatic efforts to make the Korean Peninsula a safe, prosperous and denuclearized,” said Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland in remarks before the meeting.

“Our commitment to the world safety is essential, we must work together,” she added, despite criticism surrounding the meeting since China and Russia were not invited.

Freeland argued for increased sanctions against North Korea but only to be used as “a tool” to bring the country to the negotiating table.

“The pursuit of nuclearization will bring neither security nor prosperity” and will “lead to more sanctions and perpetual instability on the peninsula,” she stressed.

For his part, co-host US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson echoed that the “great goal is to cut off funding to North Korea” in order to keep it from advancing their nuclear program.

All nations here are “united” on the goal “of a verifiable denuclearized North Korea.

“The purpose of our meetings today is to improve effectiveness of the pressure campaign,” he asserted.

If all countries cut off or significantly limit interactions with North Korea it will increase chances of negotiated resolution, Tillerson said, adding, “North Korea has many dimensions, all of which must be countered.

Source: Kuwait News Agency