France calls for total adherence to Syria truce

France said Wednesday that all warring parties involved in the Syrian conflict must respect a UN-approved ceasefire, singling out Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad for having not yet committed to the truce.

“This truce is absolutely necessary to allow humanitarian parties to deliver aid and evacuate the wounded and ill in total security,” the French foreign ministry said in a briefing.

It added that “the armed groups in Eastern Ghouta have committed to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution,” championed by Security Council Presidency, Kuwait and Sweden after days of deadlock.

“The regime of Bashar Al-Assad, on the other hand, has not committed in the same way,” Paris pointed out, noting that UN resolutions must be abided by in Damascus.

Military operations carried out by Syrian forces were continuing after the resolution was passed, despite a UNSC call that it be implemented “without delay” for a 30-day period all over Syria.

“We demand, as a result, that the supporters of the Syrian regime (Russia and Iran) put maximum pressure on (Damascus) so that that it meets its obligations,” the French foreign ministry stated.

Source: Kuwait News Agency