France continues to adapt anti-terrorist deployments to conditions – Parly

PARIS, France will continue its military commitment to fight terrorist groups in a number of areas and is adapting its deployments to changing conditions in the field, Defence Minister Florence Parly said on Thursday.

During a visit to troops in Pau, southwestern France, Parly met with Special Forces regularly employed in counter-terrorism operations and was briefed on training updates, the Defence Ministry said in a statement.

Parly told troops that the “terrorist threat is persistent” and she indicated that France would maintain its contribution to anti-terrorist actions, firstly in the Middle East as part of the international coalition against so-called Islamic State, but also in Sahel, where France has deployed over 4,000 troops, helicopters and aircraft.

“We are continuing to adapt our deployment,” Parly told the troops, adding that France was also working to “reinforce capacity to anticipate and adapt at all levels so that the initiative does not change sides.” She also insisted on the need for European defence cooperation and stressed the potential of the “Eurodrone” project, which received Euros 100 million (USD 113 million) and which will be essential used to track terrorist groups. She also welcomed the creation of a special European military group for terrorism.

Source: Kuwait News Agency