France deeply worried by tanker attack in Gulf of Oman

PARIS, France on Friday again condemned the attack against two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, reiterating the call for de-escalation and restraint.

“We learned with deep worry and we condemn the attack against two oil tankers that took place yesterday in the Gulf of Oman,” the French Foreign Ministry press office said.

“It is necessary and urgent to shed all light on these events,” it added.

The US alleges that the attacks were carried out by Iranian naval forces and Washington produced an as yet unauthenticated video showing a purported Iranian vessel manipulating an unexploded Limpet mine from one of the tankers.

Iran flatly denies any part in the attack and points out it rescued more than 40 sailors from one of the tankers.

“These incidents contribute to feeding already high tensions in the region,” Paris warned on Friday.

“We recall our attachments to regional security and stability and to the freedom of navigation which must be absolutely preserved,” the French Foreign Ministry affirmed, calling for “restraint” and “de-escalation.” Oil prices which gained four percent on Thursday continued to rise on the backdrop of the tensions between the US and Iran.

The Gulf waters are vital for the world economies – particularly in Asia – as almost 40 percent of exported oil from the Gulf transits by tanker through the waters of the region.

Source: Kuwait News Agency