France, Germany urge Russia to back ceae-fire, truce in E. Ghouta

France and Germany urged, in a joint statement Friday, Russia to back UN efforts to get a cease-fire in Eastern Ghouta, where 400,000 people are under bombardment and siege by the Damascus regime.

Over 400 people, mainly civilians, have been killed by air and artillery attacks by the Syrian government forces this week and the humanitarian situation is critical, with shortages of food, water and medical supplies.

The statement, issued by the Elysee Palace, “firmly” condemned the Syrian regime’s attacks on Eastern Ghouta but also condemned attacks from rebel forces in that area against the Syrian capital, Damascus, and also against the Russian Embassy there.

There is a responsibility to protect the civilian population of Eastern Ghouta, the joint statement said, “It is time to act now,” it affirmed.

France and Germany, amid ongoing deliberations in the UN Security Council under Kuwaiti Presidency, said that there must be “an immediate a cease-fire in hostilities and the establishment of a humanitarian truce” to allow assistance to the civilian population and evacuate close to 1,000 wounded,” the statement urged.

“France and Germany call on Russia to fully exercise its respnsiblities in this regard.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency