France, Italy agree on policy towards Libya

PARIS, France and Italy, after some recent divergences, have agreed a common approach to the situation in Libya and several other issues, a joint statement from their Foreign Ministers said on Monday, a statement in Paris said.

After a meeting on the sidelines of the European Council in Brussels earlier, Foreign Ministers Jean-Yves Le Drian of France and his Italian counterpart Enzo Milanesi agreed that “the stabilisation of the situation in Libya is a challenge for regional security and that of Europe,” and they both called for an immediate cease-fire and a resumption of political dialogue.

The two ministers, in what they said was “a very positive and productive exchange,” now confirm “a convergence of views” on Libya and other international issues.

They stressed the need to stabilise Libya in order to tackle the migration flows from that country.

France and Italy also underlined that the UN process seeking to halt the fighting and organise elections was the framework for moving forward and to allow Libyans to decide their future.

“Improving the situation of the civilian population is a priority and requires a humanitarian truce,” the two Foreign Ministers said in a statement issued by the French Foreign Ministry.

They also said that the political process must be based on the principles and rules agreed in the Paris, Palermo and Abu Dhabi conferences that brought Libyan protagonists to the negotiating table.

All Libyan parties must also agree to unambiguously dissociate themselves for terrorist groups in their country, the joint statement said.

Le Drian and Milanesi also discussed the crisis in Venezuela, given that both France and Italy are part of the International Contact Group on Venezuela.

They agreed that there is only a political solution to the crisis and they “firmly condemned any military extremism and all violations of parliamentary immunity of members off the National Assembly” in Caracas.

Source: Kuwait News Agency