France sees “opportunity” for political progress, elections in Libya

PARIS, The French Foreign Ministry on Thursday said the ongoing contacts between the different factions and parties in and outside Libya were showing a consensus on holding elections there this year.

It added that “an opportunity” exists, that must be taken today to help end the Libyan conflict.

But Ministry declined to confirm reports that Paris would host a conference on the Libyan process later this month.

Speaking in a press briefing, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnes von der Muhll indicated that there was a window of opportunity in the Libyan situation, urging all sides to seize this.

She echoed reports to the UN Security Council on May 21, which indicated “there is today in Libya an opportunity which we must seize (as) the channels of dialogue have multiplied, a consensus between the Libyan and international parties has emerged concerning the organization of elections.” France is “sparing no effort” to support UN Special Representative Ghassan Salame and the Road Map he had drawn up to address the issues and come up with an “inclusive” political solution acceptable to all.

The most important step in this process is to organize elections, due this year, the French official remarked.

Source: Kuwait News Agency