France takes presidency of CoE Ministers’ Cmte

PARIS, France on Friday assumed the rotating presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (CoE) for the next six months.

Replacing Finland, France will now oversee one of the key bodies in the Strasbourg-based 47-member organisation that monitors democracy and human rights in its member countries, mainly European nations but with association accords with several North African and Middle East nations.

In a statement, the French Presidency said its goals included the preservation and strengthening of the European system for protecting human rights and “to strive toward a Europe that brings people together and fosters unity.” Other goals include the promotion of equality and “a culture of living together,” the statement noted.

Under French stewardship, the Council of Europe Ministers’ Committee will have to adapt to the times and address the new challenges surrounding human rights and the rule of law, it added.

This is particularly necessary given the development of digital technology and artificial intelligence and related issues, the new French Presidency indicated.

The handover to France was overseen by 30 Foreign Ministers from the Council of Europe membership.

Source: Kuwait News Agency