France urges Israel not to ban certain NGOs from entering its territory

France on Wednesday urged Israeli authorities not to carry out a ban on certain NGOs that it accuses of supporting a boycott against the Jewish State.

The Israeli move would hamper NGO work in the occupied, neighbouring Palestinian territories, the French Foreign Ministry said in a briefing.

France does not support moves to boycott Israel or Israeli goods and, logically, it cannot support an Israeli move to employ a boycott of NGOs from its side.

“On this basis, we want NGOs to be able to access Israeli territory (and) Palestinian territories,” the Foreign Ministry said.

“France reaffirms its support for civil society as an indispensable element of any democracy,” it added.

Paris “calls on Israel, a democracy attached to respecting freedom and basic rights, to refrain from any measure that would hamper freedom of expression and the action of civil society.

Source: Kuwait News Agency