France welcomes Iraqi decision to permit flights to Kurdistan airports

France welcomed on Wednesday a decision by the Iraqi government to re-open access by regional and international flights to Kurdistan airports, which had been placed under embargo.

The re-opening came after an agreement was reached between the Iraqi Federal Government and the Kurdish regional authority on the management of the airports.

“This decision, as well, as the agreement on salary payments for certain civil servants directly by the Federal Authorities, is encouraging progress towards a resolution of other differences…within the framework of the Iraqi Constitution and through respect for Kurdish autonomy,” the Foreign Ministry said here.

It added that resolving the differences between the two sides would be “beneficial for the populations.” Paris also urged continued dialogue between Baghdad and Irbil and “full normalisation of relations.” France stressed its continued contacts with both Iraqi and Kurdish officials on the question of their relations and has encouraged all “to find again the path whereby Iraq is united and respectful of its diversity.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency