French FM concerned over Iranian ultimatum on nuclear deal

BRUSSELS, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian Monday said he will discuss with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recent Iranian statements on the Iran nuclear deal.

“We have an important topic today which is Iran, I am going to meet my German and British colleagues together with HR Mogherini shortly to discuss this subject. It is true that the statements made by the Iranian authorities about their engagements with the JCPOA are very worrying,” he told reporters ahead of a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

“It is true that the US position of raising pressure and sanctions is not in our interest, but it is also true that this kind of ultimatum from Iran to us isn’t appropriate either, so we are going to see together with my colleagues how we can keep the JCPOA alive and Iran on board. Because we have not broken this agreement,” he said.

“And I will also talk to Mr Pompeo about this. It is important that Europe stays united regarding this issue. It has been the case so far and I am convinced that it will remain so,” he added.

On Libya, he called for an immediate ceasefire, possibly under international surveillance.

Source: Kuwait News Agency