French president: Ties with U.S. to be reshaped

PARIS, French President Emmaneul Macron has expressed his belief that his nation’s relations with the United States of America will be reshaped due to intersection of interests at some security levels namely the fight against terorrism.

In an interview with the weekly magazine, Le Journal Du Dimanche, Marcron said the “strategy with the American President Donald Trump should be redesigned by focusing on the political and military aspects and combating terrorism.” On the recent air strikes, carried out jointly by the French, American and British air forces on military assets of the Syrian regime, Macron said the common operation was very much successful and well coordinated among the three powers.

The western powers’ strikes were in retaliation for employment of chemical arms in hitting opposition-controlled areas on the outskirts of the Syrian capital.

President Macron also indicated that there was some coordination with the Russians prior to the air attacks.

Source: Kuwait News Agency