German FM re-affirms backing for nuclear deal with Iran

TEHRAN, The visiting German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Monday that Berlin supports the 2015 nuclear deal with main superpowers but cannot make a “miracle.” Maas’ remarks reflected the ongoing dilemma of the deal, unilaterally quit by the United States which also reinstated sanctions on the nation. Washington’s move had prompted the Europeans to create an unofficial channel to make business with Iran; free from American curbs.

The German official, speaking at a news conference with his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zariv, re-affirmed the Europeans’ approach to help Iran “benefit from economic advantages outlined in the accord.” He expressed concern at the mounting tension in the region and called for tackling the situation with political means.

The US and Iran have been involved in a fiery war of words, amid reciprocal military maneuvers and muscle flexing in the Gulf waters.

For his part, Zarif expressed hope that the Europeans would continue cooperating with his nation within the nuclear agreement frameworks.

He ruled out war flare-up in the region, however he threatened that the power that would trigger such a war would not be able to end it.

Reacting to the Europeans’ concerns about Iran’s missiles’ programs, Zarif said such issue could not be examined prior to implementing the nuclear accord.

Maas arrived in the Iranian capital earlier today to discuss the nuclear deal and the mounting region tension.

Source: Kuwait News Agency