Germany asserts “deep goals” but “different approaches” with US towards Iran

BERLIN, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Friday that Germany had “the same goals” but “different approaches,” towards Iran as both countries wanted to deter Iran from the acquisition of nuclear weapons and expect Tehran to answer questions about its ballistic missile programme.

This came in a joint press conference Maas held with his visiting US counterpart Mike Pompeo.

Germany is trying to rescue the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal – which aimed to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons – while the US which is no longer a party to the agreement is putting pressure on Tehran through economic sanctions, he said.

He expressed hope that his country along with the US and the European Union would be able to achieve these goals, adding that the two countries share the same goals but through two different paths.

He hailed his country’s ties with Germany despite all obstacles between them, stressing that the deep-rooted bilateral relations were proof of the strong friendship ties.

For his part, Pompeo has reasserted his country’s strict position towards Iran as a mechanism to exercise more pressure on the Iranian leadership.

He called on partner countries to join his country and impose sanction on Iran, asserting that the US would continue imposing such sanctions due to Iran’s negligence to commit to the signed international accords in this regard.

Before his departure for Berlin Pompeo told reporters that he would also push Germany on another sticking point in the transatlantic partners’ relations: Germany’s defence spending.

Pompeo said US President Donald Trump was still “not satisified” by small increases in German defence spending.

Source: Kuwait News Agency