Grand Hajj Symposium Dedicates Second Session to Jurisprudence of Concessions and Its Impact on Facilitating Hajj Ritual

Makkah: The 48th edition of the Grand Hajj Symposium dedicated its second main session to the ‘Jurisprudence of Concessions and its Impact on Facilitating the Hajj Ritual’.

The session was chaired by member of the Council of Senior Scholars Sheikh Dr. Jibril bin Muhammad Al-Busaili with the participation of the General President of the Indonesian Ulema Council, Sheikh Muhammad Anwar Iskandar; the Emir of the All-India Central Ahl al-Hadith Association, Sheikh Asghar Ali; member of the Council of Senior Scholars Dr. Sami Al-Suqair: member of the Council of Senior Scholars Dr. Yusuf bin Saeed.

This session focused on the concept of concessions, which means facilitation, as there are many types of concessions.

These include those related to Ihram, such as the permissibility of assuming Ihram before reaching the Miqat if one fears missing it.

Additionally, there are concessions related to Tawaf and Saee, the permissibility of combining the stoning (Jamarat) ritual on one day during the last days of Tashreeq f
or those who find it difficult to visit the Jamarat daily. One may combine the stoning during the three days into one day and appoint someone else to perform the stoning on their behalf.

The Grand Hajj Symposium concluded with a presentation on the Two Holy Mosques and future technologies, delivered by Digital Experience Advisor at the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and the General Authority for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Saqr.

The event also included the honoring of the symposium’s partners.

Source: Saudi Press Agency