Gulf Arab bloc condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi oil heartland

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) condemned on Sunday drone and missile attacks launched by Yemen’s Houthi group towards the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry, including a petroleum tank farm at Ras Tanura port and Saudi Aramco’s residential area.

“These terrorist attacks not only target Saudi Arabia, but strike at the pulse of the global economy and energy supplies to the world,” GCC chief Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf said in a statement.

He underlined the six-nation bloc’s “unwavering support” for all the measures Riyadh has taken to protect its national interests, which support global energy security and maritime trade operations.

Colonel Turki Al-Malki, the spokesman for the Saudi defense ministry and the military coalition led by the kingdom, said the site of the world’s biggest offshore oil loading facility was attacked with a drone coming from the sea, before it was intercepted and destroyed prior to reaching its target.

Source: Kuwait News Agency