Hamas: ceasefire in Gaza reached with Israel via extensive mediation

GAZA,A ceasefire in Gaza was reached with Israel through extensive rounds of mediation, said a member for the Palestinian faction Hamas early Wednesday.

Member of Hamas political portfolio, Khalil Al-Hayeh told the press that an agreement was reached between the Palestinian resistance and Israel to reinforce a ceasefire in Gaza.

On his part, spokesman of the Fatah movement Atef Abu-Saif told Palestinian radio that it was important to halt all Israel acts of aggression against the Palestinian people and not only impose a fragile ceasefire.

The official affirmed that it was important to complete steps to unify Palestinians against threats, noting that the Palestinian government was eager to carry out its duties in the Gaza Strip, which includes the organizing of an election in the region blockaded by Israel.

The Israeli military launched some 60 operations against the Gaza Strip Tuesday, targeting armed Palestinian factions, which in turn retaliated with 10 projectiles aimed at settlements nearby. (

Source: Kuwait News Agency