Health min: all emergencies receive proper care, no fees required

The Health ministry affirmed Monday on its preparation to all emergency issues in all of its hospitals, without any discrimination to any one, nor do they ask patients for fees in humanitarian situations based on the ministry’s regulations.

In a statement, the ministry said all critical emergency operations for non-Kuwaiti patients with severe heart attacks, Cardiac catheterization fees are exempted from fees due to the ethical conduct, bylaws, and the ministry regulations which manages the medical practice.

The ministry added that non-Kuwaiti patients who receive heart operations also receive blood-thinning mg Clopidogrel antiplatelet medicine to prevent blood clots, including open-heart operations or catheterization for six months after the operation.

The ministry also provides treatments for critical and emergency cases to preserve the lives of all patients regardless and in line with the ethical aspect of the profession and without any discrimination.

Source: Kuwait News Agency