India rejects Pakistan resolution on Citizenship Act

NEW DELHI, Indian government on Tuesday rejected a resolution adopted by Pakistan’s National Assembly (NA) which condemned provisions in Citizenship Amendment Act and alleged atrocities against Indian Muslims. A statement from the Ministry of External Affairs said, “The Resolution adopted by Pakistan’s National Assembly yesterday makes references to matters that are entirely the internal affairs of India. We categorically reject the Resolution.” The resolution is an attempt by Pakistan to push forward its false narrative on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, according to the statemen.

It also accused the resolution as an attempt to “provide justification for Pakistan’s unrelenting support for cross-border terrorist activities in India. We are confident that such attempts will fail.” The Indian ministry further justified the Citizenship Act and stated that the Pakistan NA Resolution intentionally mischaracterizes the objectives of the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019.

India accused Pakistan of engaging in “poorly disguised effort to divert attention from appalling treatment and persecution of Pakistan’s own religious minorities. The demographics of these minorities, whether Hindu, Christian, Sikh or other faiths, in Pakistan speak for themselves.” India also reminded that the National Assembly of Pakistan has passed discriminatory legislation in the past against religious minorities and Pakistan should engage in self-introspection instead of falsely accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of.

“Pakistan would do well to remember that India is the world’s largest democracy, that all its governments have been freely and fairly elected through universal adult franchise, and that all Indians irrespective of faith enjoy equal rights under the Constitution,” the statement added. In the resolution unanimously adopted by its National Assembly yesterday, Pakistan unanimously the Citizenship Amendment Act adopted by Indian Parliament.

The resolution said the Act is against international norms of equality and non-discrimination and International Human Rights Law. Pakistan also alleged that the “amendment is also against bilateral agreements and understandings between India and Pakistan particularly those on security and rights of minorities in the respective countries.” The resolution asked India to lift curfew and information blackout from Jammu and Kashmir and respect relevant UNSC Resolutions.

It also demanded to revoke the discriminatory clauses in the Citizenship (Amendment) and end brutal use of force against the religious minorities, release peaceful protests detained under crackdown against minorities and reverse all discriminatory measures and steps in order to allow minorities to live with dignity and safety.

Source: Kuwait News Agency