An international committee of experts has been tasked with forming a practical programme, to teach a school subject, promoting peaceful coexistence amongst future generations, proposed by a renowned Kuwaiti cultural organisation.

The committee, which includes several global icons, known for their pro coexistence stances, met in Rome, with Abdulaziz Al Babtain, who heads the Kuwait based Abdulaziz Saud Al Babtain Cultural Foundation.

The panel includes Malta’s former parliament speaker, Michael Frendo, the former president of Rome’s Link Campus University, Vincenzo Scotti, former Belgian foreign minister and South North Mediterranean Dialogue Foundation co president, Charles Ferdinand Nothomb and Italian Society for International Organisation president and Italy’s former foreign minister, Franco Frattini.

Others are International Peace Institute president and former United Nations Coordinator, Terje Rod Larsen, President of Euro Mediterranean Foundation, Michele Capasso, European Inter University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation Secretary General, George Ulrich, World Poetry Academy Secretary General, Laura Troisi and head of the Alaltiero Spinelli Centre, Luigi Moccia.

In their meeting, committee members agreed the need for the programme to focus on fairness and integration amongst peoples, rather than dominance and subordination.

It would also draw on the points of convergence between different cultures, rather than their differences, while mentioning the risks of conflicts and highlighting the role of peace in the development, stability and security of nations worldwide.

In an opening address, Al Babtain said, he hoped the meeting would mark the serious beginning of interactive efforts, aimed at a better future for mankind.

The committee will raise its recommendations to the United Nations General Assembly, which has discussed the Kuwaiti cultural body’s proposal in an earlier session.

Source: NAM News Network