Int’l law must be applied to protect aid workers in Yemen – Saudi-led Coalition

The Saudi-led Coalition in support of Yemen’s legitimacy on Monday underlined the need to adopt international law in relation to the protection of staff and volunteers employed by humanitarian aid bodies across conflict zones, namely Yemen.

The coalition are in constant coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross in order to ensure that the humanitarian body’s employees’ work is carried out under the “best settings and the best circumstances,” its spokesman Col Turki Al-Malki told a press conference.

Al-Malki briefed attending journalists on the coalition’s humanitarian operations in Yemen and its support of the Yemeni National Army as well as the Houthi militants’ infiltrations and threats to regional and international security.

He expressed the coalition’s condemnation of the threats the Houthi militia present to the lives of civilians and humanitarian aid workers.

He pointed out to the ongoing opening of humanitarian maritime and air routes, including some 22 thus far.

The coalition is committed towards ensuring the safety of aid workers and their convoys within Yemen, in contrary to the threat the Houthis pose to their safety, he added.

He also revealed a smuggling attempt by the militants of around 5,300 counterfeit passports and cash worth USD 22 million to others in the city of Saada in the northwest.

Coalition-backed Yemeni National Army have made huge progress on the ground, he underlined.

The spokesman also mentioned that Houthi militants are responsible for firing a total 149 ballistic missiles and 66,315 rockets on Saudi Arabia.

Source: Kuwait News Agency