Iran announces arrest of CIA-linked elements

TEHRAN, Iran Wednesday announced arrest of people allegedly linked with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in relation with the recent protests in a number of cities.

Managing Director of anti-espionage department of Iranian Intelligence Forces said some of elements affiliated with CIA who were trying to gather information from recent riots and transfer them abroad have been arrested, IRNA news agency quoted him as saying but without specifying his name.

The “elements who were gathering information with CIA budget in the form of citizen journalists in various countries have earlier been monitored,” he said.

He added they received orders to attend riots and to prepare exact reports, especially videos.

Six of them were arrested at riots and two others who had gathered information were busted before leaving the country, said the official.

Protests and riots took place in a number of Iranian cities following the government’s decision to increase car fuel prices by 50 percent.

Source: Kuwait News Agency