Iran calls on Europe to deliver on Iran nuclear deal by action not by words

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Kazem Sadjadpour expressed doubt on Wednesday over whether the European Union is capable to deliver on its commitments to the Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“EU capability and capacity is to really respond to US withdrawal by compensating, by balancing and making JCPOA workable for Iran especially economically and let Iran get the benefits,” he told the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee this evening.

“Here I would say that there are doubts on this inability. On the level of wording yes, everybody is supportive. There are packages offered and there are debates going on but the question is the question of deliverability and how we can deliver,” he said.

The Iranian official said that after the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, now the question is whether it can be balanced by the others.

This is the fundamental question for Iranians, he stressed.

The Iranian officials condemned the US withdrawal from JCPOA as “illegal, immoral and irresponsible” and a sign of US weakness.

He warned that there is more withdrawal in Europe from JCPOA and accompanying the US position “which may eventually damage the JCPOA fundamentally.” “Words are not enough by Europe,” he stressed.

A number of Members of the European Parliament asked Sadjadpour questions about human rights in Iran and its regional policies including in Yemen.

Source: Kuwait News Agency