Iran condemns attack on its consulate in Iraq

TEHRAN, Iran condemned on Thursday the attack on its consulate in Iraq’s southern Najaf City, calling on the government to take “responsible and strict procedures in response to the attackers”.

The Spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Mousawi? said in a statement that the Iraqi government holds responsibility for protecting the diplomatic locations and missions.

Dozens of angry protesters stormed the Iranian Consulate in Najaf city, about 160 km south of Baghdad, on Wednesday and set it afire, Iraqi official TV station reported.

The attack resulted in no casualties, the TV station reported, noting that the Iraqi security forces managed to evacuate the staff from the building safely.

The protesters brought down the Iranian flag from atop the building, it noted.

The riot police left the site and the security services declared a total curfew in the city until further notice, according to a brief statement from the Police in Najaf Governorate.

Except for the security, health and service sectors, all government bodies went into lockdown, Najaf Governor Lu’ai Al-Yaseri said.

Mneawhile, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry condemned the attack, adding that the “diplomatic missions working in Iraq are extremely respected and appreciated”.

Source: Kuwait News Agency