Iran, Japan share view on need to lift sanctions on Iran – Rouhani

TEHRAN, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Saturday he discussed with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo new proposals to break “the unfair” economic sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran. Upon his arrival at Mehrabad International Airport after visits to Malaysia and Japan, Rouhani said the Islamic Summit, recently held on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, aimed to promote cooperation among, and the development in, the Islamic states.

The Summit, chaired by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad, gathered scholars from 80 Muslim countries and 2,000 guests, Iran’s Islamic News Agency (IRNA) quoted him as saying.

“It focused on ways of development in the Islamic world,” he said, noting that following it, a major session involving leaders of Iran, Turkey, Qatar and Malaysia was held with good results for cooperation among the four countries.

“Ties with Malaysia are important to Iran; they became warmer after the 11th government came to power in Iran.

“Mahathir Mohammad is interested in paying a visit Tehran soon,” President Rouhani pointed out.

There are good cultural commonalities between the two countries, as they share various ceremonies such as Nowruz and Nature Day, he said, pointing out the common cultural roots in Central Asian and East Asian countries.

“During the meeting with Japanese premier, in addition to bilateral relations, sanctions were also discussed,” Rouhani, said, noting that all know that sanctions are against the international regulations and they also know that they will get nowhere. “Sanctions are detrimental to all countries not Iran alone; they are a lose-lose decision wrongly taken by the US,” he noted.

The Japanese and Europeans are working to break sanctions and have solutions to that effect.

“We believe breaking sanctions and destroying US plots in imposing sanctions on Iran is an essential, national and revolutionary act,” he added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency