Iranian FM urges Europeans not to deprive Iranian kids of medicine

TEHRAN, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has demanded European states to do their minimal human duty and stop using economic sanctions to bar innocent Iranian patients from getting their desperately needed medicine.

“Instead of arrogant threats or hollow paper promises, E3/EU-and future INSTEX shareholder Sweden-should start with something very simple; a minimal human duty,” Zarif tweeted on Monday.

“Ask @molnlyckehc to SELL products enabling Iranian kids with Epidermolysis bullosa EB to cover their wounds,” he added.

Using hashtag “#EconomicTerrorism”, the Iranian top diplomat condemned the use of sanctions to kill innocent Iranian civilians, mainly through depriving them from medicine.

The US Secretary of State “@SecPompeo once again admits that US #EconomicTerrorism on Iran is designed to starve, and in the case of medical supplies, kill our innocent citizens,” he tweeted.

Source: Kuwait News Agency