Iraq denies using its land to attack Saudi oil installations

BAGHDAD, The Iraqi Government denied on Sunday reports about the use of its lands to attack Saudi oil facilities by remote-control drones.

In a statement, the government said that it is constitutionally committed to prevent the use of its territory for aggression on its neighbors and brothers and friends and will deal firmly with anyone who tries to violate the constitution, pointing out that it has formed a committee of the relevant Iraqi parties to follow up on information and developments.

The Iraqi Government called “on all parties to stop tit for tat attacks which cause great loss of life and facilities,” stressing that they “are closely following up on these developments and they are in solidarity with their brothers, expressing concern that such escalation and military solutions complicate the humanitarian and political situations, and threaten common security and regional and international security.” The government reiterated its call for a peaceful solution in Yemen, and the protection of civilian lives, as well as calling on the countries of the world and the region to shoulder their humanitarian and moral responsibility in taking initiatives that put an end to this war.

Source: Kuwait News Agency