Iraq has two positions in its Executive Council.. Health Ministry announces the creation of the Arab Cancer Council

Baghdad – The Ministry of Health announced, today, Friday, the establishment of the Arab Cancer Council.

The Ministry stated in a statement that: “Under the supervision and follow-up of the Minister of Health, Dr. Saleh Mahdi Al-Hasnawi, the Arab Cancer Council / Arab Council for Health Specialties was established.”

It explained that: “The elections for the Arab Cancer Council and the Arab Council for Health Specialties were held under the umbrella of the Council of Arab Health Ministers, with the participation of 53 male and female professors representing fourteen Arab countries.

The Ministry added: “The Council includes specializations (the precise specialization of oncology surgery, oncology, nuclear medicine, therapeutic radiology, and palliative medicine),” noting that “Iraq obtained two of the eight positions of the Executive Council, where Iraq was represented in this council by professors, doctors, and specialists, Deputy Chairman of the Council is Dr. Haider Jaber Al-Shibli, an oncology specialist, and the Chairman of the Nuclear Medicine Committee is Dr. Amjad Al-Badr, a nuclear medicine specialist and Vice President of the subspecialty of oncology surgery, and Dr. Nofal Al-Shadoud, a subspecialty of oncology surgery and Vice Chairman of the Therapeutic Radiology Committee, and Dr. Munawar Al-Naqqash, a therapeutic radiology specialist./ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency