Iraq, Iran declare commitment to Algiers deal on borders

BAGHDAD, Baghdad and Tehran announced on Tuesday their commitment to the Algiers agreement signed in 1975 on the Iraqi-Iranian borders in Shatt Al-Arab.

In a joint final communique following bilateral talks during Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s visit, the two sides said they are determined seriously to implement the borders agreement and its relevant protocols.

They decided to begin joint operations to clean Shatt Al-Arab so as to resume navigation in line with the agreement and its protocols, the communique added.

Khor Al Amaya Oil Terminal will remain an Iraqi area without any impact on the two sides’ talks on the determination of maritime borders between them, it noted.

The Algiers deal, which was signed by Iran and Iraq in 1975, aimed to end the disputes on their borders in Shatt Al-Arab. The deal determined the water boundary along Shatt Al-Arab in line with the centerline (thalweg).

In the beginning of the Iraq-Iran war, Baghdad announced the annulment of the agreement. After that, it declared again it would be committed to the treaty.

Under international law, one nation cannot unilaterally reject a previously ratified treaty. The accord had no clause providing for abrogation by one nation only.

Source: Kuwait News Agency