Iraq predicts large int’l investments following Kuwait’s conf.

Iraq’s Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi has predicted his country to host a large number of investments by several internationally renowned companies after Kuwait’s conference on reconstruction in Iraq.

Investors are no longer worried about security issues in Iraq, Al-Abadi said in a press conference Tuesday, adding Baghdad has received confirmations by a number of key countries to attend the conference, including the United States, China, and Japan, in addition to European and Gulf countries.

Participation requests by firms in the event have exceeded the number of assigned seats, he said, noting the conference has asked the participating countries to invite their major companies to the event.

The Iraqi Premier also affirmed his country’s willingness to host large investments after the conference, noting Iraq has now become an attractive business venue for investors.

No miracles are expected from “Kuwait International Conference for Reconstruction of Iraq,” he said, explaining that the event, however, is part of a number of steps within a comprehensive program for reconstruction of Iraq.

Over 400 international businesses are expected to attend the event, slated for February 12, alongside dozens of governments.

Source: Kuwait News Agency